We have a number of different styles and types of yoga classes on offer. Beginners are well catered for in our courses designed particularly for them. Our more experienced yogis also have a number of options, ranging from the truly relaxing Yin Yoga, through to the physically demanding Power Yoga. For our lovely expectant mamas, we have multiple pregnancy yoga classes available, along with our excellent hypnobirthing courses, which go hand-in-hand. Our Hatha Yoga classes are accessible to everyone who has done a little bit of yoga before, or who is comfortable giving it a try for the first time in a mixed ability group.

Beginners’ yoga

For those who are completely new to the practice, we’ll help to get you started on your yoga journey. You’ll be able to build your confidence and establish the fundamentals of yoga, laying the groundwork to enable you to to attend regular classes.

Hatha yoga

Most types of yoga stem from Hatha, and it’s a great all round class including asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathing exercises) and relaxation. Great for building strength and flexibility.

Power yoga

Power yoga is an energetic, dynamic form of yoga where one pose flows into the next in a strong sequence. Expect to get your heart rate up, flow and sweat!

Yin yoga

A deeply relaxing class that will help release tension in the body through deep, long stretches. Yin yoga will help make space in the body through softening the layers of fascia (connective tissue) that surround the joints of the body. Suitable for all levels of student, the class focuses on stillness of body, breath and mind, and is the perfect complement to more dynamic forms of yoga.

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga is traditional and dynamic method of yoga practice, using postures, breathing technique and focus to achieve a healthy body and a calm mind. Ashtanga teachers lead students through the same sequence of postures that start with sun salutations before moving onto standing poses, seated postures and finishing sequence and finally relaxation.

Pregnancy yoga

For mums-to-be from 13 weeks, these classes will help prepare body and mind for labour and motherhood. Practising pregnancy yoga can help adapt to changes in the body, reduce fatigue and tension while promoting strength, flexibility, increased energy and circulation. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other local mums.

Postnatal yoga

With a focus on regaining pelvic floor stability and strength, coupled with a gradually increasing overall strengthening, our postnatal yoga classes are the perfect way to ease back into your exercise regime after having a baby. Our daytime classes are designed for you to bring your baby along with you (play mats and sensory stimuli provided), so even if you are on maternity leave and don’t have childcare - we are here for you.